-        Beyond Expectation
At Chefs Table Events we recognize the importance of keeping up with ever changing food trends, our chefs are constantly striving to new levels of culinary excellence, we do this through inspirational menus, innovative suppliers, and outstanding service.
After many years in the catering industry we have extensive knowledge of suppliers who we work closely with to bring not only the best products on the market today, but also the best price to help your business deliver its maximum profit.
Our services include
  •     Menu consultation
                  keeping menus up to date is very important in the service sector, it will 
                  help to keep your regular customers happy and interested as well
                  as bringing new customers to your door
Front of house training
  • Have you ever had a great meal with rubbish service? Bet the only thing you remember is the bad service! we will strive to enthuse and equip your front of house team with everything they need to provide exceptional service.
  • We have many ways of delivering training to your team that will ensure a consistent product even on your head chefs day off!
Health & Safety and due diligence
  • With the "scours on the doors" scheme that many county councils are implementing it is increasingly important to maintain a good standard of food hygiene and health and safety practises, we can offer training on hygiene, cosh and H&S to make sure your business meets the highest possible standards.